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Do you remember this or that?

Do you remember this or that?

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To think we used something like this when I was in elementary to middle school. Didn't even have an electric one, which was considered really cool to have. Remember when you'd make a mistake, have to go back, line up the "x" JUST PERFECT, so the white would cover up the incorrect letter? If not, forget it! What a nightmare. Kids now are soooo lucky.

Schoolhouse Rock - Conjunction Junction. Still love it!

I'm Just a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock!)

I always thought the Baxters were so lucky to have Hazel, even though she sometimes made a mess of things.

Hazel (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oh, Buffy, Jody and Mr. French...another great thing to watch when home sick from school.

Used to love watching this when I was home sick from school.

Holly Hobbie

My brother and I would fight over this. Finally we got another so each of us could play, and that we did...constantly. I still love that "bling, bling" sound and think of this game every time I hear Supertramp's "The Logical Song."

Mattel Football I

Look how far we've come in video gaming! To think we'd sit and play for hours. Our kids would be done in less than a minute.

Click-Clack acrylic ball toys from the 70s that gave you bruises. ;-)

I remember asking for this from Santa. I wanted her soooo bad. You'd pull her ponytail to grow her hair and then twist a knob on her back to make her hair shorter.

This was one of my favorite toys as a child. We'd race each other and do sharp turns or spin round and round until our arms were aching!

Dittos jeans...the arched seam going across your rear.

Ad that ran in the 70s for Love's Baby Soft. Don't really think this would fly today!

Used to love to make designs with this using my big, fat pen that changed ink color when you clicked the lever (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, etc)

We really thought we were stars when we sang into this!

Oh the simplicity!

My kids would DIE if this was what they had for electronics...

This provided easy entertainment.

My first record player...

We used to laugh hysterically at the stupid "looks" we gave this poor guy.