Jade B

Jade B

Female. Fe= Iron. Male= Man. Therefore I am Iron Man!
Jade B
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How would cartoons look like as people

How would cartoons look like as people<<why are the lion king characters white?

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This will be me on a few weeks. So I just tell them to give me the gifts and go away

Birthday cards r so dumb its just like To. I know who i am! I know its my birthday and i know who u r! And when people sing Happy Birthday its weird cuz ur jist awkwardly standing there smiling!

Well that just escalated<< 'salt water doesn't rot wood' 'shut up you nerd'

Team "I'm homeschooled and I wore these pajamas yesterday so I'm just going to keep wearing them until I have to leave the house later this afternoon." <---- DUDE I am so in this team.