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More like this: chubby babies, oolong and froot loops.

It makes me smile

Sometimes you just need the cup with the little green straw.

Have a great week!

Lion mother and cub

It's smiling at me!

Just kidding

Milk, milk!!

totally works :)

Oh that face...made my day! ;)


Well, well... I'd do this one just to watch their face go 'WHOA!'. Hehe #LikeABoss

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I LOVE this idea! All you need is an empty Kleenex box. Oh and cash. Dollar bills. Tape the dollar bills together end to end with Scotch tape. Obviously the more dollar bills the greater the “WOW”. Stuff them in the Kleenex box with just one dollar sticking out of the box. It’s fun to watch someone’s eyes grow wider as they pull out the dollars that go on and on. Make a tag that says: ”Don’t “blow” it all in one place. The End. Happy Birthday.

Someday I'm gonna travel the world.. =)

Cute, fuzzy little caterpillarrr... Wait, What?!

A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET SQUARE.. Simply EPIC! Repin if it made your day! =)

Hate inconsiderate drivers who don't park properly? Give them THE notice! =)

How long have you been watching me? 0.o