Often the need to dance is greater than anything. Scruffy the dog needs to dance and nothing will stop him! A funny picture of a dog dancing.

Thanks a lot, Mom & Dad!

ecard funny kids names . Love my name . Hate that I never had a personalized cup/keychain/thing-a-ma-gig. Funniest part is I chose a common name & spelling for my girl & she can't find her name personalized on stuff either!

Can't wait to use this.

so funny.my name is Barack-sha-qua-mi, nice to meet you. Best ghetto name ever!


Mouse: In Queso Emergency I Pray to Cheesus - Give your friends a smile: share this!

haha favorite line of the whole movie.

One of my favorite quotes from the movie. And the truth of my life.

Stove.. what kind of a name is Stove? What are you? An appliance...? 
This movie never gets old.

what kind of a name is Stove? An appliance. You're an appliance. i have laughed more at this movie the past three days than i ever though possible!

when you can't teach your dog to run on a leash

Because walking your dog would look ridiculous. people are ridiculous. This is seriously stupid. America wonders why they are fat- and their families and pets too. Yes she is walking but hello? This is seriously wrong.


i don't even know how to label this. a lion riding on a horse chasing a zebra riding a giraffe

i <3 Twitter @Elizabeth Buchanan

The 30 funny text messages to make you laugh and some of the autocorrect texts messages are hilarious and some of the text messages fails will make you LOL.

All the single ladies!!!

Funny pictures about Joseph Ducreux may need a call. Oh, and cool pics about Joseph Ducreux may need a call. Also, Joseph Ducreux may need a call.


demotivational poster PSYCH-OUT When you face an opponent with superior skills, pick a superior strategy.