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“That’s not my kink. Because it does seem like just about everything can be someone’s fetish or kink.

Aubrey Cara gives some insight on the elusive G-spot. The struggle is real!

Have you ever found your g-spot before? Like, it wasn’t just an accident of enthusiasm. You could draw a road map and hand out GPS coordinates for the next …

This must have been the Harry Potter book that I skipped because I don't remember this happening at all.

Reading Harry Potter on the bus funny pictures

Has #Kink Gone Mainstream? Maybe its finally cool to be kinky! by @MsCaseyMcKay

This past week anytime I turned on the TV or clicked on to the internet, something happened. I got the feeling it was okay to be kinky. Well, really, I know it’s okay to be kinky, but I had t…

Romancing Brett by Sage L. Mattison  #erotica #gay

New Release: Romancing Brett by Sage L Mattison

Innocence Examined – Emily Tilton #medical #bdsm

Summary Sir Gerald is having great difficulties with Caroline, his eighteen-year-old ward. He has always been a doting guardian, shielding young Caroline from the truth about the differences betwee…

Not Looking For Love: Episode 1 – Lena Bourne

Summary ***This is the first installment of a 5 part steamy New Adult romance, Not Looking For Love, serial. The FINAL episode is available for pre-order now–> Somet…

Wicked Stepbrother: A Forbidden Erotic Romance – Sasha Marcos

Summary My mother had done some crazy, impulsive things, but she’d never eloped before. Or called me the day after and said Surprise! Guess what we’re celebrating! I think that gave me a pretty goo…