Before I Die is one of my new favorite blogs.  It is so simple, but so fun - and gives you some great ideas to add to your bucket list. What is on the top of your bucket list?  Getting anything crossed off the list this weekend? Much love, B

Like the real fall in love. Not the fake "I love you" that's said within the first week of a relationship. The love that takes awhile to say but is shown long before it is said. That's what I want and I will wait for it.

Done this a couple of times. AMAZING! Favorite one was from a street vendor on a late night walk in Paris with Stuart. His reaction to his Nutella and banana crepe was priceless!

[✓] lol, this must not have been made by an LA native, cause there's no (legal) to way to stand under the sign! the closest they let you go is right above it. but regardless - it's a beautiful hike! even my horribly lazy self has done it twice haha

After seeing A Walk To Remember, this has GOT to go on the Bucket List. I've always wanted to go to The Four Corners (where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona meet) so I could lean down and place my hands on the ground and be in FOUR places at once!

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I wish more people would remember this. It's so sad to see marriages crumble after having an elaborate, expensive wedding. It doesn't take much to be more beautiful than our quickie courthouse wedding. I wouldn't have had it any other way. ✔✔✔Complete!!


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