Snape <3

What if Snape survived?

Funny pictures about What if Snape survived? Oh, and cool pics about What if Snape survived? Also, What if Snape survived?

Harry Potter humor

Thanks Snape…

This is funny, but I do have to give Twilight credit because Stephenie Meyer did differentiate between werewolves and shape shifters in the book. Jacob and his tribe are shape shifters.

Hahaha want this shirt!!!

Can't get out of bed. or waffles. just send waffles. Get your lazy on with this funny design perfect for sleeping in! This weekend themed design for lovers of all things lazy embraces love of food and sleep at the same time.

Potion. by Endling on deviantART , cute

by Endling on deviantART , adorbs ---- You always cheer me up

Why Video Games Are Better Than Reality: Part 4 by *Isriana

I went to the pharmacist and asked them for a mana refill potion.

Why Video Games Are Better Than Reality: Part 1 by *Isriana on deviantART

Who didn't drive that mako like a mad man in Mass Effect? Btw the last panel is me, every winter, all winter long!

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