Jennifer Finn Sutton
Jennifer Finn Sutton
Jennifer Finn Sutton

Jennifer Finn Sutton

Born and raised in Omaha, NE. The last couple years have been crazy, busy building a family, home, and life that my husband and I love and cherish.

All the guys wear hats, the groom wears a vest, and the rest of the guys wear suspenders. In this all the guys have ties on...not sure what we're gonna do with that yet, but I'm thinkin' either everyone in bow ties, just the groom in a bow tie with everyone else in ties, or a mixture with differing colors.

Stetson brand hat from JCP that all the boys will wear for the wedding.

Nick's vest...Ludlow vest in herringbone Italian linen $128.00

Finn in either suspenders or a vest and a bow tie or a tie...still thinking on it. Definitely a hat though, if he can stand to wear it, haha.

Volcom Dapper Stone Suit Vest - Men's Drip Brown Corduroy, S Volcom, $35.16

Set Of Two Personalized Wooden Hearts MR & MRS by hanscreations, $6.00

Yogurt bar for bride/bridesmaids while they are getting ready.

Table numbers double as guest book. Mark each table with a certain year anniversary and instruct guests seated at that table to write a message inside the card. Would really love to incorporate this idea somewhere, somehow...

Sound waves from the "I do." I love this idea! It's art and it makes me so happy and sentimental every time I see it. Still hopeful for this one, so we'll see sometime in the future with the video that we do get.

Bride and Groom's thumb prints make a heart. Meant for thank you's, but could be art in the home too...

naked pink ombre wedding cake // photo by Natalie Spencer // cake by Darling & Daisy

"How To Stage Manage Your Wedding"

Paint the insides of four Starbucks bottles with gray acrylic paint to set our bouquets in while eating.

Whatever your last name is/will be, make a cutout of the first letter, then have the guests use it as a guest book. Makes a good piece of art too!