Turquoise Dream Catcher @Sara Johnson.....I want one like this where can I get the supplies???

Turquoise Dream Catcher


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Native American Saying

Native American Wisdom: We do not go into ceremony to talk about God. We go into ceremony to talk with God.

Native American Love | http://imagesu.blogspot.com/2011/07/hot-south-indian-girl-love-making ...

Native American wisdom is amazing. This page pays tribute to their philosophy and beliefs with a collection of their quotes, sayings and blessings. You will also find the Native American 10 Commandments here.

Buckskin Dress

Replica of one of Quanah Parker& Daughter& dress. Quanah& Father was Comanche Chief Peta Nocona and Mother was Nautdah (Cynthia Ann Parker.) Quanah had 8 wifes and 24 children.

Baltimore Ravens Native American Inspired DreamCatcher

How to Make a Dream-catcher Tutorial & Beautiful DIY Dream-catcher Inspiration Pack for Beginners homesthetics decor

Legging Moccasins // Sicangu Lakota // 1870

Womens' Legging Moccasins // Sicangu Lakota // 1870 -- National Museum of the American Indian -- Washington, DC

Native American

{Native American} Greed, injustice, evil - from a spirit/attitude of the world/darkness. From a spirit/attitude of love/light - kindness, justice, good.