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Outdoor Rooms

I just love the cozy shabby chic outdoor space! What a perfect place to read and enjoy soome tea!

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QUICK way to get your teeth white. Nite White. You can get it on Amazon for around $12. You will need a retainer (I use my retainers I got when I got my braces taken off). If you don't have one, use a sports guard or you can buy one online. Crest white strips have about 2% of the stuff that actually whitens your teeth..this stuff has up to 22%. They come in syringes, usually a pack of 4. you're welcome :) ps. don't leave mroe than 30 mins will causes blisters on roof of mouth or…

MADE TO ORDER (5-8 weeks) Designer iPhone 4S & 4 Victorian Filigree Swirl Puzzle Case (3D printed Nylon) - 5 color options