really like these

this would be so cute for a wedding gift. "L" - their first picture together. "O" - his parents' wedding picture. "V" - her parents' wedding picture. "E" - their wedding picture

Make a 3D Paper Heart for cute decorations

I love valentines season. shops are filled with valentine cards, red hearts, personalized gifts, heart decorations hence I came up with a heart wall decor to light up my room this valentines.

25+ Easy DIY Valentine's Day Cards

25+ Easy DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Couple Heart Hot Air Balloon Card - Easy DIY Valentine's Day Cards - I made this for my parents!

fabric balloon bowls

Balloon formed papier mache bowls covered in fabric! Can also be done over a bowl to give it the flat bottom necessary for placement on a table. Just put a thin coating of petroleum jelly on the bowl for ease of release when papier mache is dry.

Grandparents house rules @Barbara Acosta Acosta Haber - you need this because you wrote this!!

Grandparent rules, I need to make one of these for my mom and dads house. @ DIY Home Crafts by desiree

simple, simply lovely

Make a heart-shaped envelope for your sweetie (via Forty Weeks: Crafts/DIY: Heart Envelopes)

Hand Decorated Notebooks

Cute diy Gift: Personalize a set of inexpensive moleskine cardboard books as a special gift! Add some fabulous pens for grownups or colorful markers for kids! Of course, I could always do one myself.

Inspiration for more bottle cap art.

Inspiration for more bottle cap art. For learning garden? from classroom arts and crafts


Rainbow Wedding Flowers

Rainbow-colored flowers (Photo: Carlton Davis) Recommended by Tulip Art IL-Etsy Sellers Support

sally russell public art/sculpture inspiration. collaborative school sculpture?

(Totem made of cans) russell public art/sculpture inspiration. Could have the group make a group totem with 1 can painted by each student; or support network/family/important relationships totem*~bcp

line art group project

4th Grade Line Design

line art group project -- I would like to do this with computer graphics. Maybe with instructions that each student make a slide on powerpoint where something must start/end at certain grid points on the sides of the paper (a road, a ball, a line.


We made these awesome bottle cap flowers at our school sleepover last spring. The kids loved making them. SO easy, just a lot of prep between collecting *CLEAN* caps and drilling holes in them. A great recycled art project!

woven paper balls

Garland from Woven Paper Balls-- These are made out of paper and one piece of tape. You can cut your own strips (mine are wide and long, which yields a ball that's about 1 in diameter) or use shiny paper ribbon.