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Yemaya assists and supports the rebirth process, cleansing and purifying the old energy, releasing that which has served its purpose, allowing for renewal and new beginnings. She reminds us that everything is in a constant state of change. If requested, she will help remove resistance to change, helping us to adapt when necessary, helping us to embrace our natural evolution so that we may realize and experience the true essence of our ever ascending consciousness.

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What does Oya teach us? She teaches us that death is a natural and normal process that we go through during our lives. She teaches us that not only is change inevitable but it also who and what we are. We are never the same. We are dynamic beings that are ever evolving.The Goddess of Transformation urges us to die to the old in order to step into the new lives that we desire.

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Oya is one of the most powerful Orishas. Her full name is Oya Yansan, which means “Mother of Nine.” A Warrior-Queen, She is the sister-wife of the God Shango, to whom She gave the power to create storms. Much of Oya's power is rooted in the natural world; She is the Goddess of thunder, lightning, tornadoes, winds, rainstorms and hurricanes. A Fire Goddess, it is Oya who brings rapid change and aids us in both inner and outer transformation.

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Oya is the guardian of the realm between life and death; as such, She is not only the Goddess of spirit communication, funerals and cemeteries but also the Goddess of clairvoyance, psychic abilities, intuition and rebirth. She can call forth the spirit of death, or hold it back - such is the extent of Her power.. Because of Her affiliation to the dead, and Her intense knowledge of the magick arts, Oya is also known as "the Great Mother of the Elders of the Night (Witches)".

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The dance of Oshun is the most sensual one. Oshun raises her arms over the head to emphasize her enchantments. While she dances, she makes sexual movements and asks for sex to the men with her extended hands and abrupt movements of her hips. She requests honey, showing the sweetness of sex and life. She also can imitate that rows in a small boat. She combs her hair or admires herself in the mirror, she sometimes watch over her nose those around her.//Artwork by Ryan Johnson

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Oshun, the Yoruban Goddess of love, delights in the creation of beauty and art. She is called the “Lady of Secrets”, “Lady of Love” and “Lady of Gold”. She rules the 'sweet' waters - rainfall, lakes, rivers, and streams. She is the Goddess of passion, and sensuality, as well as abundance, and prosperity. She belonged to no man and believed all was fair in games of love. Her symbols are mirrors, jewelry, honey, golden silks and feather fans.

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Yemaya means “Mother Whose Children are the Fish” to reflect the fact that her children are uncountable. She also rules over maternity in our lives as she is the Mother of All. She Who Gives Birth to All of Life, Yemaya is aligned with the power of creation flowing through all that is. In this aspect, she assists with remembering, reclaiming and activating our own innate creative power, realizing our true and natural ability to create and experience magnificence within our life.

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