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What to Spray on Carpet to Keep Dogs From Peeing

Dog urine has an unpleasant smell because of its enzyme, hormone and ammonia composition. Over time, the odor of the urine gets worse and is difficult... | See more about Sprays, Carpets and Juice. Photos from the site

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Building an all natural medicine cabinet for your dog or cat is not as hard as you think

If your dog is under the weather, this list of dog-friendly meds might make him…

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8 Things Your Senior Dog Will Thank You For Doing

If your dog is in their golden years, do them a favor by going the extra mile for them.

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Dog Collar with optional bff bracelet "The Roxy" FREE SHIPPING |Please leave EXACT tight wrist measurement

Dog Collar with optional bff bracelet "The Roxy" FREE SHIPPING |Please leave wrist measurement**

I’m all about coconut oil and homemade dog shampoo at the moment, which may sound like a weird combination but coconut oil has some really great benefits for dogs, and hey, homemade dog shampoo is …

Peanut Butter Dog Doughnuts

Coconut Oil Dog Treats

Homemade coconut oil treats for dogs and the health benefits of feeding your dog coconut oil.

Tips & Hacks For Your Dog

Is your dog sick? Try this Homemade Chicken Broth for Dogs (or organic store bought w/ NO MSG) – great for a dog that is dehydrated. and Tips & Hacks For Your Dog ...that you wish you knew a long time ago on Frugal Coupon Living.