This is something I need to work on! We do get some great laughs over your posts! It's funny how you actually think anyone takes you seriously. Great laughs though.


Funny pictures about Good Guys Fred and George. Oh, and cool pics about Good Guys Fred and George. Also, Good Guys Fred and George photos.


Tiny-Ass Apartment: Beauty secrets: Quick tips for organizing your glam station

soup of the day

I think the handwriting or font used for 'Soup of the Day' and "The tears of our enemies' both work really well. The soup font is flowy and has good depth while the tears font is just very blunt and more harsh. Together, they are fantastic.

Ooooooh yes!

If you have friends you will never be short of prank ideas. There might be funny pranks as well as scary pranks but importantly they need to qualify as good pranks. This page gives you an idea of funny April fools prank.


Aloha again my darlings! This won't be a very long tribute post, but it WILL be a funny one! I'm officially taking my hat off to all the people who have created funny Twilight vs Harry Potter memes.

the happy train

We need more happy on the happy train! View "Grumpy Girl Rides the Happy Train" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

absolutely convinced!

This guy doesn’t need some sort of credentials to know he really likes burgers. “Voted best burger in town by some guy who likes burgers.