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Don't ding up your walls with nail holes and waste time lining up each frame. Just add a few shelves and create a gallery wall!

Doing this in a theater room instead of big individual chairs would make for a much more enjoyable movie experience.

25 Sunshades and Patio Ideas Turning Backyard Designs into Summer Resorts

This link is of creative shade ideas for your yard. The photo is one of my favorites. I heard from a neighbor that you do not need permits to build create this sunshade, because the canvas can be removed from the anchors. It looks so creative and pretty!

Themed Rooms: Movie Night

Concession Stand Originally designed as a ticket booth, the small room that sits outside the theater room is used as a concession stand. The glass-front cabinetry in the space showcases all of the family’s favorite candy.... perfect fur the pinball room!