Stir cucumber into cream cheese, spread on tortillas, layer with turkey slices and roll up... simple enough!

Turkey Wrap with Cucumber Cream Cheese - Easy lunch idea: Stir cucumber into laughing cow cheese spread on tortillas, layer with turkey slices and roll up.perfect lunch from Rachel Ray

ornament wreath

Christmas Wreath - ornaments, a styrofoam wreath, a glue gun, a wooden letter and glitter are ALL you need to make this. So many wreaths I wanna make I need more than one front door haha

For all the people in my life :) This song gives me goose bumps!

I love this song, but never thought of framing its lyrics. This would be fantastic in the kids' well as "I hope you dance" lyrics in the littles' room. Must search for love letters to frame for them via songs.


the skinny skinny diamond band. It's all about the middle diamond. A skinny band makes the diamond seem bigger.

pink champagne for wedding morning with the bridemaids :)

pink champagne - I wonder if this is too much pink? but perhaps a collection of sparkling wine and champagne, some pink and not on the adult beverage table? He wants to have champagne.


AUSTIN BOUTIQUES - Spreading the Texas Love

Life is short. Buy the shoes. - Funny sign at shoe store says that life is short. Buy the shoes.

Breast Cancer Awareness Pumpkin, how cool since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Pumpkin for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month