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Weight Loss Tips

Eating these can make you *less* hungry! #2 is the most surprising diet tip by far. | See more about cinnamon sticks, apple cider and cinnamon.

10 Things skinny people always do

5 Ways to Avoid Overeating

"The 7-Day Shredding Meal Plan! Designed to Burn FAT and Kick Start Your Metabolism! This is a great way to start off my healthy regime for the next few months! NOT a diet!! 6 meals - great options, healthy and clean!"

A great list of diet tips to help you lose lose weight in a healthy, and happy way. If your sick of fad diets that never stick, you need to take a look at these.

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8 Tricks to stop sugar cravings.

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Did you know you can eat something bad when on a weight loss diet? You just need to eat it in the morning! See full instructions on how to do it healthy - PIN!

Skinny habits and easier weight loss tips - for a difference that will be noticed!

Body detoxifying drink, improves health, skin and helps lose weight. Click for recipe.

Yummy and pound-melting drink. Click for recipe

If you want to lose weight and get in shape - you MUST eat 5-6 times a day. See why

How to make weight loss NOT so boring and actually EASIER. Great and healthy ways to help your body get rid of those last few pounds. . .

Great advice on helping yourself lose weight easier and getting in shape, in a healthy way

How to lose weight barely trying - gotta try this out!

This is actually quite helpful AND correct. More crunches are not always the answer. What kind of tummy do you have? Pooch? Tire? Stress Tummy? See which of the five you might have and helpful hints to stop bad habits and flatten that belly!

Simple changes to your eating habits change the way you look and feel. The 5 habits that target specifically belly fat

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