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This Small Apartment In New York Has A Moving TV Wall MKCA have designed a 390 square foot apartment interior in New York, that features a movable wall.

Use LEGO figurines as cord holders

Lego cable holder - an awesome way to help you organize your cables! My husband loves lego crafts of all kinds & these lil guys are a great cable tidy for your home office. In need of more home office ideas? Check out this post

T-shirt power! #BigBangTheory #theflash /

Sheldon the flash. So the Big Bang recognize the Flash as a fictional character. But, in the world of the Flash, he's a real person. So I want to know more about a Big Bang Theory that exists in the world where the Flash is real and Sheldon is a fan.

House on the Street Z  / Dva Arhitekta

Middle sized family house designed for a couple with two children. Situated in a narrow street in center of Zagreb. The house is located on the street, respe.