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Hey, my name is Sapphire Midnight Clarity. I am from District 12. My Parents are dead because they all rebelled against the Peace Keepers. I have to feed my entire family now and tend to my five younger siblings. I volunteered to protect my twin sister Ruby Twilight Clarity. In the Training Center, I found out I am amazing at archery and Identifying plants. I am also really good at making my own weapons and living without water. I am super athletic, but I have always hated my bony elbows.

Hello, I'm Arleen Potter a seventh year Gryffindor. I have a twin brother named Astor, we're half-bloods. I'm friends with Piper Greyback and Rose Weasley and I'm dating Alex. I love Quidditch, I'm a chaser. In my classes I get mostly E's. Intro?