Жанна Козлова

Жанна Козлова

Жанна Козлова
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Boho Style | Boho Chic Accessories Bracelet, Cuff, Bangles, - #Jewlery #gipsy #ethno #indian #bohemian #boho #fashion #indie #hippie

Gorgeous silver chain and Turquoise Thumb finger slave bracelet Adjustable Hand piece Native style piece Silver Feather Bohemian Festival. I like the wrist to thumb idea.

boho jewlery on etsy fall 2013 trends | ... Hippie Hipster Bohemian Boho Style 2013's Trend FESTIVAL JEWELRY

This single chain ''Istanbul'' headpiece for the romantic hippie - bohemian girls with gorgeous original Turkish Turquoise Bead .Gives adorable bohemian look with antique high quality chain and three turquoise beads and two dreamcatcher leaves.

Violet eye makeup

Violet Blue=Beautiful I know a few old friends from the seventies Remember my blue eye shadow! You could use this application for other color combos.