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The Kofun period art, Haniwa terracotta clay figure with koto. Kanagawa Japan

Kyoto ware incense box in shape of crouching rabbit. Stoneware with enamels over clear glaze. Nonomura Ninsei, active ca. 1646-77. Kyoto, Kyoto prefecture, Japan. Gift of Charles Lang Freer . Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

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Patinated bronze vase, late Edo period (mid-19th century). Japan

A JAPANESE SHIBYAMA INLAID IVORY FRUIT decorated with insects. 2.25ins high.


quiver shaped haniwa.kofun: 5thc.terra cotta.muro miya-yama tumulus, nara prefecture

Haniwa which expressed a shield. Nara Japan. The Kofun period (AD.250-AD.592) art, Haniwa terracotta clay figure.

Incense Burner Kagoshima, Japan, Edo period Stoneware with clear colorless glaze; silver lid H: 13.2 W: 9.9 cm

Dogu are from the earliest-dated tradition of pottery manufacture in the world, dating to the prehistoric Jomon period, which began 16,000 years ago. Japan

Archive: The power of dogu

Late Jomon clay head Shidanai Iwateken 1500BCE~1000BCE

Important Cultural Property Deer Haniwa, excavated from Hiradokoro ruins Kofun period, Shimane Prefectural Board of Education heritageofjapan.w...

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“Birdcage” Vase, Japan, ca. 1700, porcelain, copper, gold, bamboo, pigment

ceramist MASU Taka, Japan 升たか

Japanese Pottery

宮岡麻衣子作 菊花文小皿|-ももふく的日常-

The ancient Jomon of Japan: History and Pictures

The ancient Jomon of Japan: History and Pictures

Odo ware Teabowl 18-19th century Japan.

Deep Vessel with Handles, Japan: Middle Jōmon period (ca. 3500–2500 B.C.)

Vase in the form of a small gourd with a section of scrolling vine and leaves, on which crawls a ladybug. Katsuyoshi (Shōami Katsuyoshi, 1832 – 1908). Meiji 9 or 1876

Raku pottery

Pitcher of Fusatsu type Bronze H 23.8 Kamakura period 13th century

Dogū (Clay figurine) (Excavated from Sugisawa site, Yuza-machi, Akumi-gun, Yamagata) Baked clay H 18.3 Jōmon period 10th-4th century B.C.

Ceramics dogu figure 16.5 cm high (6 1/2 inch.) Japanese, Jomon Period, 1000 - 300 BC. Source: Metropolitan Museum

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the details of porcelain vase by MAKUZU (Miyagawa) Kozan (1842-1916), Japan 真葛高山

An earthenware in Japan in the Neolithic Period. BC.9,000 - BC.5,000.

YAMADA Akira, Japan 山田 晶

陶芸三人展 ―並び立つ象(かたち)―