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Two sumo wrestlers in a ring | National Geographic


sumo My brother and I were fascinated by the Sumo wrestlers when we lived in Okinawa Japan It was an amazing 3 years in an awesome culture. We learned so much.

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Sumo wrestlers defying gravity! Kotooshu loses the match with his hand touching the ground while Goeido stays aloft another split second.

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Chiyonofuji is the 58th YOKOZUNA of sumo wrestler. He was one of the greatest YOKOZUNA of recent times. Sumo wrestler is not only being fat.

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Yellow Korner : Photograph : Rikishi - Photographe anonyme

Sumo wrestlers Tosayutaka, right, and Toyohibiki during their bout in the grand summer tournament at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan sumo arena Photo: AP

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