Ha! I love doing this in FFXI..I can be so hard core, the other guys can't believe I am a chic

"Come at me bro! / I am no bro, brah!" Eowyn for the win; I've got Lord of the Rings on the brain again.

8-bit question block lamps. Punch it from the bottom to activate it just like in Super Mario Bros.

Add some Super Mario style lighting to your home with these question block lamps. These geeky gamer lamps are touch sensitive, so you'll need to punch it.

A. Geyer calls this "World of Disneycraft" :)

Character: Snow White (Armored) / From: Walt Disney Animation Studios 'Snow White' / Cosplayer: Andy Rae Cosplay

Geek girl bras! A dream come true....

Funny pictures about One way to surprise your geek boyfriend. Oh, and cool pics about One way to surprise your geek boyfriend. Also, One way to surprise your geek boyfriend.

Fallout 3

I have to admit, I adored creating this poster. I love working with the Vault Boy image anyway, but to couple that with the iconic Nuka Cola was something that I had in mind for some time but never.

Fallout 3

power armor with minigun. Everyone can go home now, because this guy has won the brotherhood of steel cosplay contest. For life.

Neverwinter - in Beta I am up to lvl 44/60 I like the game alot

Neverwinter - love this game, free (unless you want the goodies) and very fun. So far havent run into any rude players like in World of Warcraft etc., There is user made content as well. Who wanna play with me?