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Authors, Poets, Illustrators and Other Kidlit Industry Professionals with Their Favorite Hot Beverages
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a man sitting in a chair holding a coffee mug with the words drink coffee on it
hotTEAs of Children’s Literature: Wade Hudson
WADE HUDSON/☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: My day starts with a hot cup of coffee, which I drink while reading the morning paper. When I was a little boy growing up in rural Louisiana, I was awakened each morning b…
an older woman sitting in front of a bookshelf holding a cup and saucer
hotTEAs of Children’s Literature: Cheryl Willis Hudson
CHERYL WILLIS HUDSON/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: For mornings my fav is Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee with a splash of Amaretto cream…yum, yum, yum! You can’t beat this drink for kick-starting the day. After 3 pm I love R…
a woman sitting at a table with a blue cup in her hand and a plate behind her
hotTEAs of Children’s Literature: Maria Gianferrari (+ a giveaway!)
MARIA GIANFERRARI/☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: I cannot live without my loose-leaf German tea, Nizze Sahne Tee! Nizze = Nice as in France and Sahne means cream. It’s an aromatic black tea flavored with cornflowers and …
a man holding a coffee cup with an octopus on it
hotTEAs of Children’s Literature: Jeremy Tankard
JEREMY TANKARD/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: Chamomile tea. It’s classic. It’s healthy. It’s tasty. It’s my favourite drink while unwinding in the evening. ☕ HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Grumpy Bird (Scholastic board book ed…
a woman holding a coffee cup in her right hand while standing next to pictures on the wall
hotTEAs of Children’s Literature: April Chu
APRIL CHU/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: I can’t start my day without a cup of fresh brewed coffee mixed with a big splash of half and half. With a 7 month old, a full night’s rest is rare and I need …
a woman holding a coffee cup in her hands
hotTEAs of Children’s Literature: Lisa Schroeder
LISA SCHROEDER/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: Tea, tea, glorious tea. Tea for you and tea for me! My favorite decaf is Teatulia’s Lemongrass tea. That’s often what I drink in the afternoons. In the morning…
a man drinking from a coffee cup while wearing a cap and holding his face in front of him
hotTEAs of Children’s Literature: Brian Won
BRIAN WON/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: Coffee black, no cream no sugar. Any brand, even gas station coffee is fine by me. ☕ HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Outer Space, Bedtime Race written by Rob Sanders (Random House, 2…
a woman sitting at a table with a coffee mug
hotTEAs of Children’s Poetry: Guadalupe Garcia McCall
GUADALUPE GARCIA MCCALL/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: A good cup of instant Mexican coffee, not too strong, not too mild. With sprinkle of sweetener and a bit of cream. It will wake me up and give me the fortitude to sit down…
a man sitting in a chair holding a coffee cup and looking at the camera with his thumb up
hotTEAs of Children’s Poetry: David Elliott
DAVID ELLIOTT/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: My wife and I are dedicated francophiles: French toast, French fries, and of course, my beloved French Press. Oooo-la-la! ☕ HOT OFF THE PRESSES: This Orq. (he say “U…
a woman in a red shirt holding a white cup
hotTEAs of Children’s Poetry: Tamera Will Wissinger
TAMERA WILL WISSINGER/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: Coffee with a splash of whole milk is my current favorite hot beverage. I drink it with breakfast and my morning reading. ☕ HOT OFF THE PRESSES: There Was an Old Lady Who …
a woman sitting at a table holding a coffee cup
hotTEAs of Children’s Poetry: Marilyn Singer
MARILYN SINGER/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: Tea, tea, tea, especially Yunnan and various oolongs. I love the fact that I can take my time and drink a cup slowly, while chatting, watching TV, reading, writing, or ju…
a woman holding a cup in front of a painting
hotTEAs of Children’s Poetry: Margarita Engle
MARGARITA ENGLE/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: Café con leche (coffee with milk), made with a mixture of Cuban espresso (Café La Llave brand) and Italian roast (Starbucks brand). I love REALLY strong coffee, but I only…
a man holding up a coffee cup in front of a book shelf filled with books
hotTEAs of Children’s Poetry: Kenn Nesbitt
KENN NESBITT/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: I am a huge coffee fan. I love the taste of a nice dark roast, and I appreciate all of the good news lately about the health benefits of coffee. My go-to coffee is San Fra…
a man holding a cup of coffee in front of his computer screen and smiling at the camera
hotTEAs of Children’s Poetry: Alan Katz
ALAN KATZ/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: My favorite hot beverage is coffee (regular or decaf, no real preference) with milk (1%, 2%, whole, whatever). No sweetener! And…fun fact…I have never, never, truly …
a black and white photo of a woman holding a coffee cup in front of a poster
hotTEAS of Children’s Literature: Linda Ashman
LINDA ASHMAN/ ☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: I have straight up black coffee first thing in the morning. Then, around 11:30, I have a soy latte with some sort of treat (for the record, a pecan scone today). My sister…