James Bousema

James Bousema

Artist/Illustrator based out of Las Vegas with a new found interest in digitally pinning pictures of things.
James Bousema
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Guardian Angel, Mercy from Overwatch Blizzard fan art by James Bousema

My take on my personal favorite character from Overwatch, Mercy. I liked the idea of playing around with her design to fit a more medieval aesthetic, as.

Lady Death by Brom

Artwork: death by fantasy artist Gerald Brom. See more artwork by this featured artist on the fantasy gallery website.

Vai lá bixão. Mata ele sem descer do cavalo. Quero ver aquele critico de espada acertar o coração dele. #SQN

♦ the best and worst part about writing dragon battles in my story is that i have to come up with an entirely different battle sequence for relatively the same creature every single time ♦️ <--- This is so true.