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James Dunsmore

James Dunsmore
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PD's Old-Time Cast Iron Dutch Oven Beef Stew _ You're probably wondering what the "PD" means. That would be referring to Paula Deen. I took her recipe for Old-Time Beef Stew & adapted it to my family's preferences. So, grab your Dutch oven & get to work. You'll be chowing down on some darn good stew in no time!

PDs Old-Time Beef Stew. This is a fabulous recipe for thick, hearty beef stew that is on the table in just a couple of hours. Tender beef and perfectly cooked veggies . with a surprise ingredient that I know Ill be using every time I make beef stew from

LAUREN FOR GODS SAKE REPENT BUT MOST OF ALL CHANGE_ For gods sake change for your Poor kids

First hand seen a man change through repentance, before my very eyes! Found my Boaz where I least expected! God is faithful

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