Jami Champagne

Jami Champagne

Jami Champagne
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Baked-Potato Soup

Baked-Potato Soup A head of garlic—baked until sweet and succulent—makes this dish, as it helps add depth to the other, simpler, ingredients: baking potatoes, chicken broth and fresh ground pepper.

Cheesy Biscuit Bombs from Oh,Bite it

Mmmmmmm Recipe for Cheesy Biscuit Bombs – Not only do these fluffy, tender cheese filled Biscuits jazz up any meal.they can almost BE the meal! With a long-range Cheese stretch that’s capable of reaching you from miles away, escape is not possible!

This is the best quiche recipe and you make it in the blender!

This is the best quiche recipe. You make it in the blender which makes it an easy bacon or ham breakfast recipe that will please a crowd.

Summertime Sangria: 1 Bottle White Zinfandel, 8 ozs of Strawberry Daiquiri Mix, 6 ozs of Peach-Flavored Mixer, 8 ozs of pineapple juice, 16 ozs of pineapple rum. Assorted fresh fruits: strawberries, pineapple, lemons, limes, oranges, or peaches. Mix, refrigerate & serve!

Summertime Sangria 1 Bottle of White Zinfandel 8 ounces of Strawberry Daiquiri Mix (non-alcoholic) 6 ounces of Peach-Flavored Mixer (such as Fuzzy Navel – non-alcoholic) 8 ounces of pineapple juice 16 ounces of pineapple rum Assorted fresh fruits YUM!