Stained Glass door made of Pantone swatches

Stained Glass Door Made Of Pantone Swatches

Beautiful stained glass door made of hundreds of pantone swatches by Italian architect Armin Blasbichler.

This reclaimed wood beam table is featured at the Isle of Capri Casino. Each piece is designed around the wood I use, so sizes could vary slightly.The photo may be not clearly represent the size, think of it as the size of a bistro table. This rustic table is very heavy and will make a great statement piece. There is a steel base attached to this reclaimed table with leveling feet threaded into the bottom. Reclaimed oak beam table, Custom, Industrial, accent table…

Stained or -Reclaimed bundled wood beams & steel strap accent table. Featured at Isle of Capri Casino's, coffee table, bistro/cafe table

Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama.     Kusama uses hundreds of LEDs to create what looks like an endless evening of multi-chromatic fireflies, or a galaxy full of Christmas lights, or a blizzard of glowing snow over a city of skyscrapers. As simple as the effect may be—just mirrors and lights—the photos alone are a hypnotic, ephemeral tease of infinity.

With Mirrors And LEDs, Yayoi Kusama Offers A Taste Of The Infinite

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama - who has notably lived in a psychiatric institution for the last four decades - has been obsessed with dots and infinity for her entire career, an inspiration she. - Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama - who has notably.

Piano Stairs with Arduino and Raspberry Pi by bonniee   Check out  for cool new arduino stuff! (Scheduled via

Piano Stairs With Arduino and Raspberry Pi

These Piano Stairs are an interactive, relatively portable, musical installation that can be applied to basically any stairwell.

wu3:  Regine Schumann

Regine Schumann explores the fundamentals of color, light, and form through her objects. She uses black light, fluorescent Plexiglas and plastic light cords to transform space into a “black box” fi.

Erin's Warm & Wood-Wrapped Austin Bungalow on a Budget

Erin's Warm & Wood-Wrapped Austin Budget Bungalow

Erin's Warm & Wood-Wrapped Austin Bungalow--Unique use of wood and storage space for stairs.

This is my first fiber optic project, I was inspired by this: wanted to make a tree because we have a hammock and I thought hammock and tree might be nice. Since it is my first fiber optic experience, I wanted to use a product as in the LED-lamps, control and the optic fibers are assembled, so that I can focus on the design and don’t need to deal with the practicalities of the fiber optics technique. In the future I’ll try to ...

‘Weeping Willow’ Optical Fiber Lamp

It doesn't take advanced tools or expertise to make a beautifully unique piece of art using rasterbated images.

Create Stunning Illuminated Art of Rasterbated Images

It doesn't take advanced tools or expertise to make a beautifully unique piece of art using rasterbated images.


Abstract: DNA extraction and separation by agarose gel electrophoresis is a simple and exciting process that anyone can perform. However, the high cost of specialized equipment and chemicals often …

TOAST simple style pendant light with fabric flex, Bakelite bulb holder and hand stitched filament bulb £ 69

Orange LED in liquid nitrogen - YouTube

We submerge an orange LED into liquid nitrogen which causes the LED to change colour from orange to yellow and towards green.

Need a new 4K TV? Here are three of this year's best from Samsung, Sony and LG

Here are three of this year's best from Samsung, Sony and LG