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☆ USMC:→ And God said。"Let There Be Marine" and the Devil ran in fear.

Military Strong, Military Proud, God Bless America!

don't give up. Don't give in. Let God win the fight. All you have to do is tell others about the war. The war that nobody sees. Tell them that their sick, and God has the cure. Help them get back up on their feet.

training quotes for motivation

I train because I want to defeat myself. Defeat the me who couldn't do it yesterday so I can be better today.

When he saw this picture later, he needed to change his underwear.

Putting the Size of a Whale in Perspective! Roughly the size of a basketball court, the blue whale is the largest mammal known to have ever existed. Little did this kite surfer know the creature swimming just beneath him!

DIY Tire heavy PUNCH bag my kids would go nuts on this thing lol

(Courtesy of Damiano Rosso). A boxer training with a homemade punching bag at the Kampala Boxing Club in Uganda.

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Fit Friday Motivation: I hated every minute of training, but I said "Don't quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.

Muhammad Ali...what a layback!!!!!

Lo que me tires voy a esquivar, un jab, un crochet, un uppercut, o varios…