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Nice Accessory ...

Nice Accessory ...

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Claire McCardell glasses ad, 1952.


you know it's going to be a Great day when there's a smoking squirrel on your head

Go Gay Hairspray. S)

hands off!

Pog o Ball

"You can never have too many hats and Hannibal Lecter Bags."

Scotch Hair Tape.

"When tempted to over-indulge, reach for a Lucky instead!"

Zorita couldn't figure out why all the ladies ran when she came to the dog run....

Girls with Guns, The Duchess of Devonshire

"Fashion is a vampiric thing, it's the hoover on your brain. That's why I wear the hats, to keep everyone away from me. They say, 'Oh, can I kiss you?' I say, 'No, thank you very much. That's why I've worn the hat. Goodbye.' I don't want to be kissed by all and sundry. I want to be kissed by the people I love." Isabella Blow

Scared of needles, Lung Leg settled on a "animated lizard tatoo from Japan."

  • Nancy Soshinsky
    Nancy Soshinsky

    not the other kind of needles though! LOL

  • Jamie Lovett
    Jamie Lovett


Inspired by Marilyn Manson who Brit thinks is the "sexiest man alive in the whole wide world ever in all of history of the entire universe" decided to ignore her mother's warning about bats flying into your hair if you stay out too late...

Every modern lady needs a raven lighter

PETA approved fur worn by Yolandi Visser of South African musical group Die Antwoord.

Yes, Tweentards to Twentysumtards, they've been around THAT long, and Yes they come in styles other than Wayfarer.

The curls, the wisps, the fringes, the flips, HAIR... the perfect accessory.

That phone makes your head look so small ...