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The General Lee - 10 Of The Coolest TV Cars Of All Time. Click on the image to see who came out on top. #top10 #spon

The Greatest TV Cars from the Silver Screen What's your favourite car from the small screen? Classic cars play a huge role in TV shows and are more than just a good looking prop. In fact, some vehicles.

The 50 greatest movie and TV cars of all time.

Hollywood Knights 1957 Chevrolet: Popular Hot Rodding's then supercharged "Project X" is driven by Tony Danza in this 1980 film. The always yellow was recently rebuilt by GM Performance SHOP

Hot Rod

Hot Rods and Pin Ups. A huge collection of thousands of images of hotrods, hot rodding, drags, gassers, etc. From the most important early days to modern kustoms and street rods. A Site for rodders of all ages ran by a total gear-head.

Sloans lake drive in

Relics of the post-war Baby Boom era, when car prices dipped within reach of average families, drive-ins found themselves in competition with other forms of con.

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84f57fa0f827963d2ed4b77968aeec2c.jpg (640×1136)