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The Amish - Fascinate Me

The Amish - Fascinate Me

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More Misconceptions About the Amish

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Anabaptists: Meet the Amish

Amish - The Ordnung is a set of rules for Amish living. Ordnung is the German word for order, discipline, rule, arrangement, organization, or system. Because the Amish have no central church government, each assembly is autonomous and is its own governing authority. Thus, every local church maintains an individual set of rules, adhering to its own Ordnung, which may vary from district to district as each community administers its own guidelines.

Amish - The bride wears a new blue linen dress and wears no makeup and will not receive an engagement or wedding ring because the Ordnung prohibits personal jewelry. The marriage ceremony itself may take several hours, followed by a community reception that includes a banquet, singing, and storytelling. Newlyweds spend the wedding night at the home of the bride's parents, this is so they can help with the clean up. Celery is one of the symbolic foods served at Amish weddings.

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