Set of nine antique vintage playing card backs. Would make great poster for game room.

Anila Quayyun Aga, 'Intersections'

"Intersections" by Anila Quayyum Agha is an ornately carved wood cube with an imbedded light source that projects SHADOWS onto gallery walls. The foot cube projects shadows that are 32 - 35 feet.

Karl Benjamin, Untitled, 1956

I see the white ground and the black figure. also I can see the white figures inside the black figure or the white ground. Karl Benjamin - Untitled - ink on paper - 1956

Generative drawing created using dice and colored pencil.

Kat Masback, "virion tree [long variant] generative drawing created using dice and colored pencil.

Study of 100 Museums of Art for the NEW TAIPEI CITY MUSEUM OF ART by Federico Soriano

Gallery of New Taipei City Museum of Art Proposal / Federico Soriano Pelaez - 4


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