Grand Xcaret Resort by Occidental in Cancun, Mexico is an all inclusive resort with beach property near Xcaret Park. Tropical beaches and hotel amenities make this warm destination ideal for vacation travel.

Monkey Mia, Western Australia

My plan for Christmas Eve is hugely dolphin based ;) The dolphins coming to shore at Monkey Mia, Western Australia - a desert paradise.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Winter in Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany FUN FACT: Cinderellas castle design was inspired by this castle by Crazy King Ludwig. He never finished building this castle because he was murdered. I went here once

Amazing Pool Resorts - Step outside and take a dip, Bali, Indonesia

Funny pictures about Swim resort of your dreams. Oh, and cool pics about Swim resort of your dreams. Also, Swim resort of your dreams.

French Quarter, New Orleans

Foggy French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana photo by pompon I've sat on that bench right on Jackson Square :)

Funny pictures about Cozy cabin in the woods. Oh, and cool pics about Cozy cabin in the woods. Also, Cozy cabin in the woods.

10 Beautiful Places on Earth that are Real

The Blue Lagoon hot springs in Iceland are man-made bodies of water, but the springs are heated naturally with the volcanic activity on the island. The springs are especially beautiful in the snowy winter, and the water still quite toasty.


Dreamland Beach (Bali) Located on the Bukit Peninsula, this beach is a significant center of water sports and other adventurous activities. Dreamland Beach is covered with small cliffs and surrounded by pine and coconut trees.

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