Bible Fun Zone- Where we will play Books of the Bible games and make crafts to go along with the games in our room. Three of my kids will be moving up to a new teacher next year, so I wanted to make their Summer extra fun while learning about the Bible!

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Books of the Bible-charts, songs, games all in one place! Great Youtube video songs and more!

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Bible drill spoons. Create a deck of cards using books of the Bible. Game is played just like spoons requiring the player to get 4 books/cards in a row. Challenges Book knowledge to be more than just reciting. #youth #bibledrill

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Milk Caps for Memorizing the Books of The Bible HARD work MADE into a FUN GAME/REWARD system!Hands On Bible Teacher

Bible Cards All 66 books of the Bible plus 6 category cards. Great for memorizing the books of the Bible and playing a variety of games. ...

Hands On Bible Teacher: Encouraging Kiddos To Memorize The Books of The Bible. follow- up idea for home. pamphlet in game box?

use milk jug lids for file folder game pieces. This game lists some of the books of the New Testament and leaves some blank with the book written on the lid. Children add them in the right place.

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