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Jan Akers
Jan Akers
Jan Akers

Jan Akers

Foodista | No-Bake Strawberry Shortcake and Other No-Bake Spring Treats

Here's the a list of the proper temperatures for making sure your meats are cooked properly: Beef, veal, lamb, duck, burgers, dausage, chicken, turkey, fish, pork, ham, and eggs.

Hypnotic Northern Lights Time-Lapse Captured Over 2 Magical Nights in Alaska

Picnic Perfect Banana Pudding | Real Housemoms | This would be perfect for that picnic with the kids before school!

The Original Fantasy Fudge

The Original Fantasy Fudge

Divers Dance With Extremely Rare Pyrosome In The Philippines

This Photo Of Baby Weasel Flying On A Woodpecker Won Our Hearts -- Until We Realized What Was Happening

Hitler and Keitel examine the handiwork of the Stukas upon a Polish armored train. This is a rare photo of the Fuehrer actually carrying a sidearm. Hitler almost never went armed. According to some historians, he almost always, did wear a hat with defensive lining, the equivalent of a helmet.

wolfdog - 1/2 bred dog-wolf

seahorse - photo: stark house productions. Did you know they are marsupials, and the dads carry the babies?

Victorian Bathing Suit Pattern, New Grecian-Style Historical Sewing Pattern - 1870-7

This carving was found in Kiev, Ukraine. It is approx 6,000 years old (4,000 BC). Given the context of where and when it came from, it is very difficult to explain this carving as not being of something “other worldly”, looking a lot like a spacesuit.

faux commercial for ancient Egyptian hair dye. Horrible Histories Egyptian 2000 Make your older student laugh ;)

Arundel Cathedral From Castle Gardens, Sussex, UK

Lyuba is a female woolly mammoth calf who died 41,800 years ago at the age of 30 to 35 days. Lyuba is believed to have suffocated by inhaling mud while bogged down in deep mud in the bed of a river her herd was crossing. Lyuba appears to have been healthy at the time of her death. By examining Lyuba's teeth, researchers hope to gain insight into what caused Ice Age mammals, including the mammoths, to become extinct at the end of the Pleistocene era around 10,000 years ago

1810 ca. Regency Polychrome-Painted Dragon Form Day Bed

Jarlshof, the best known prehistoric archaeological site in Shetland, Scotland

Easter Island's Statues Reveal Bodies Covered With Unknown Ancient Petroglyphs -