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30 Day OTP Challenge - Day 20 - DancingX men first class - Erik x Charles

katy-romance: [X-Men: First Class] fan art - possibly NSFW: Love Love Just an afternoon spent with Take That (discography) and without work.

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loobeeinthesky: “ To make up for my teasing the other night I finished another road trip picture of the guys going for a game in the park, with an early blast of snow, and booze to keep the chill out.

I was thinking of an AU story when i did this painting hehheheh >the picture is from a photoshopped fanart i only redrew it and painted it again~

leyla-lovely: Well…Erik and Charles ;

X-Men First Class - Erik Lehnsherr x Charles Xavier - Cherik

X-M FC Art. I ove to see Charles suffering. (Traditional art, marry me/) Regret