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Janae Lines
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Janae Lines

Janae Lines

Ripped Recipes - Jello Protein - This is the best dessert! The texture is great

American Girl DVDs TV is a picture frame (bought at michaels)

Two Ways to Build a Rubber Band Powered Lego Car - Frugal Fun For Boys

cool gift wrapping ideas for boys!!

laundry room built-ins. Fabulous for the OCD wife! - for our new laundry room!

DIY good morning chart // use photos to teach your kids that they are in command of their own day

FREEBIE! Over a dozen winter-themed printable pages for Kindergarten. Includes pages for math, reading, and writing! #TPT

Easy to make by printing out or gluing a picture. Laminate cards and use dry erase markers.

youtube video of Alice Jr. Join the Holy Family School Genesian Players drama club for their 2012 production of: Alice in Wonderland jr. Video licensing by MTI. Follow Alice as she cha...

"Conference Center" General Conference interactive idea. So amazing!!! Really, if you have young children at home, this is THE BEST thing I have ever seen for engaging them in Conference.

A collection of camping recipe round-ups. This will come in handy this summer!

General Conference Toddler Activity ideas, plus the Ultimate list of Ideas for making General Conference Meaningful for all ages

Classic kids closet, reach in closet, bedroom closet organizer, California Closets Twin Cities MN

FHE Activity - Following Jesus Christ Treasure Hunt - Cut out footprints and write the basic commandments on them with a short description and a place to go. Hide them in the same manner as treasure hunt clues, with the last place having a picture of a temple or heaven and a treat. My kids had a blast finding the footprints and reading them, and of course finding the "treasure" at the end.

Nice walkway of pavers nicely colored with Spirea, Catmint, Lady's Mantle and Barberry.

Easy Chicken Dumplings recipe. Delicious homemade weeknight dinner.

S'mores Fudge | | Your favorite summer treat in irresistible fudge form!

Lemon Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken and Broccoli - this is AMAZING and it's made with a lighter sauce! Definitely adding this to my dinner rotation, my whole family loved it!

Fun thing to do for your kids - #Kids, #Parenting

Similar to one I already pinned, but I like the spacing of this one a bit better. Dominant master suite, with bedrooms on the opposite side of the house. Still not sure what I would do with a formal dining room! But I can just imagine having 3 garages...

Strawberry Creme Truffles. Only 5 simple ingredients. Super creamy strawberry filling that melts in your mouth! #vegan #glutenfree #paleo

Healthy, gluten free, vegan, energy bites that taste just like apple pie!