Newborn Baby Lion- I am overwhelmed by cuteness.


Say cheese! Meet 21 animals who love smiling for the camera

Tail Lights for horses!! There are also three brightness settings: low, for group rides; medium, for solo rides, bright enough to be seen from about a half mile away; and high, a brilliant yellow strobing pattern for emergency situations.

Tail Lights provide high visibility for your horse - CNET

Black Lion.. Absolutely stunning.

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Baby donkey

Sober in a Nightclub: Everyone needs a little ass sometimes.

Often referred to as an albino peacock, it is nothing of the sort. It's technically a white peacock which is a genetic variant of the Indian Blue Peafowl. The colors in the feathers of a bird are determined two factors: pigment and structure. its unusual lack-of-color is due to a missing pigment. This missing pigment is dark and absorbs incident light, making diffracted and interference light visible.


Albino and Half-Albino Peacocks Are Simply Stunning (Photos)

love this baby

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11 Wet Animals Are Adorable, Whether They Like It Or Not

a baby giraffe! I almost squealed when I saw this!

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beautiful baby deer

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Ooohhh my god, i'm in love!!! Sooo cuteee ☀sweet baby deer

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Please Say Hello To This One Month Old Baby Giraffe


Please Say Hello To This 1-Month-Old Baby Giraffe

Big Cat

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Gorgeous Lion -Fantastic Photo!

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Neephant at the Beach! This photo is so adorable, it is frameworthy. I just may do that. #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals

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Fabulous and gorgeous lion walking.... click on picture to see more

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Pretty sure God used a paintbrush when he created the zebra... Just stunning!

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so cute

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baby penguins. <3

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baby zebra


.OH MY GODDESS, He is the epitome of Magnificent

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The Grinch...funny :p

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