Great books that explore rocks, fossils and volcanoes along with hands-on activities! Science for kids

Volcanoes, Rocks & Fossils: Books and Activities for Kids

Invitations to Explore with Rocks | Reggio Provocations - Racheous - Lovable Learning

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R is for Rocks | Preschool Activities

Share and Remember: R is for Rocks | Preschool Activities

Rock Pictures- I love this book, this would be such a cute activity to do after reading it aloud.

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Literacy Work Station #3: matching upper and lower case rock alphabet in order from A - Z.

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JanaMarie Thompson

Snap painting, metal cookie sheet and rubber bands!

Sharing the wonders of early learning in action || Sharing the wonders of early learning in action

r for rooster

Rainbow R!

letter of the week curriculum letter r

Letter Of The Week R - Crafts & Activities - No Time For Flash Cards

Learning Letters with Rocks

Letter Recognition with Rocks - Where Imagination Grows

Racing reindeer numbers game for preschoolers. A fun Christmas activity for kids!

Racing Reindeer Number Line Activity - Mom Inspired Life

Rocks and Soil Unit

Kindergarten Kindergarten: Rocks and Soil

letter recognition.sensory tray

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bottle with rice and letters. Find the letters and mark it on sheet.

Sun Scholars: Preschool Activity Trays

Top 10 Letter ‘R’ Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Learn & Color

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R Stamp Rainbows

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Rocket Launcher

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Letter R Song - YouTube

Letter R Song Video

Rice Box ABC Activity: hide letters in rice for students to find and match to their name or to lower case letters

Conversations in Literacy: And Now I Know My ABCs

preschool art rabbit letter art | Play and Learn with Dana: Letter R Rabbit

Play and Learn with Dana: Letter R Rabbit

R is for Raincloud...from our playgroup today

josh laura and brynlee: R Day

Painting stones with water... from Rachel (",)

Stones & Water - Stimulating Learning

Rock Cleaning...Toddler Sensory Play...

Clean the Rocks. Toddler Sensory Play

"R" is for Reindeer - letter of the week activity

First Grade Best: R is for Reindeer (Preschool Learning Fun)

Make a Rock...simple science activity for kids

How to Make a Rock with Kids

All you need are a bunch of rubber bands [I finally bought a rubber band ball not too long ago because my kids have been stealing my rubber bands constantly and I never get them back...] and a can of food, or anything else cylindrical [think water bottle, shampoo bottle, anything, it doesn't have to be empty]. And have the kids put the rubber bands on the can. That’s it!

Fine Motor Activity to Keep Kids Busy When You Need It