Fine motor fun with basic shapes, learning basic shapes, maths centre activity

Basic Shapes Work Station or Centre Activity

Common Core Shape Unit

Mrs. McGinnis' Little Zizzers: Common Core Shape Unit

Looking for easy shape lessons for my 2 year old. This looks like a winner.

Shape Hunt and Sort - I Can Teach My Child!

Shape Monster Glyph Favorite Shape = Body Favorite Color = Color of my Monster Triangle/Rectangle Body = 1 Eye Square/Circle Body = 3 Eyes Rectangle Mouth = I am a boy Semi Circle Mouth = I am a girl Hair Pieces = How many letters in your name

Kindergarten Rocks!: Search results for shape glyph

Our Roll & Hop Shape Game is a simple indoor activity for toddlers that helps with shape recognition and gross motor development. Free printable cards!

Roll & Hop Shape Game - I Can Teach My Child!

Free printable shape booklet with extensive blog post with suggested books and activities! Preschool Themes: Shapes

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Printable shape match clip cards for toddlers & preschoolers! A low prep activity from Modern Preschool

Shape Match Clip Cards

Shape Math Activities for Kids - So many fun ways for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade kids to explore geometric shapes in this stem activities for kids.

Learning about Shapes Math Activity

Make giant shapes out of tape on the floor and have the kids find objects around the house that match the large shape. This is helping with cognitive skills because they have to find everyday objects in these shapes.

Giant Shape Sort

Love this #workbasket. Thanks for linking up! #Repost @simplyspecialed with @repostapp. ・・・ Threw together a quick new fine motor/ sorting task box for #workbasketwednesday with @autismclassroomnews ! It's amazing what you can make with stuff already around the classroom ! #simplyspecialed #weteachsped #iteachsped #specialeducation #workboxes #autism

Autism Classroom News on Instagram: “Love this #workbasket. Thanks for linking up! #Repost @simplyspecialed with @repostapp. ・・・ Threw together a quick new fine motor/ sorting…”

Pattern Block Posters for Sorting Activity (free; from Classy Kinders)

Classy Kinders: Freebie Friday!

Practical Life Work. Easy to make matching work. Trace a variety of caps and lids on to construction paper (laminate for longevity). Then place on a tray with caps/kids in a basket. Demonstrate the work (without words). Then ask the child if they would like to try. ~ Mastering Montessori ❤️

Ateliers de manipulation type Montessori

The things we "can" do in preschool...once each circle dries, the children can draw or color, cut and paste things that are fun and good to do in preschool. gives children a sense of what to expect such as snack time, story time, morning meeting, CT, outdoor play, nap time and more

The things we can do in preschool

Ideas for teaching shapes, including a FREE shape sort, art activities, and great shape-related books for read aloud! :)

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog: Circle Inspired Math

Shape Poems (song)

Its a Jungle Out There

Shape Poems

Its a Jungle Out There

shape poems/songs

Its a Jungle Out There

Shape Poems for Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Rhombus, Hexagon, and Trapezoid. Free!

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We did a few shapes preschool theme activities and this sand tray writing was a big hit!

Shape Preschool Theme Sand Tray Writing

3yr preschool create "circle" art work - learning shapes,Artist Study , circles , Art Featuring Circles, Inspiration for CAPI Students at , circles, kreis, symbology , metaphor, emotion, idea, art

Teach shapes- write the shape name on the sticks. Provide a certain number of each color so that it only makes that shape! :)

20 Preschool Math Activities - In Lieu of Preschool

Help your kids learn shapes: Play shape matching using objects from around the house. #ece #preschool

Graphing Shapes | Imprints From Tricia

Pocket of Preschool: Shapes Part 2: More Shape FUN!

Pocket of Preschool: Shapes Part 2: More Shape FUN!

4 FREE activities for learning shapes for readers and non-readers. Flip-book, sentence cards, memory and a spin & cover game that is simply adorable! You won't want to pass this one by!

Life Over C's: 4 Free Activities for Learning Shapes

Giant DIY Block Puzzle at Twodaloo

DIY Giant Block Puzzle - Twodaloo