Fun play date idea...cowboy theme

Ever Never Again: Cowboy Play Day

Ending the Texas unit with a Kindergarten Rodeo!! LOVE IT!!

Peace, Love and Kindergarten: Yee-Haw

Mrs. Cortez's Class: Kindergarten Rodeo pan for gold

Mrs. Cortez's Class: Kindergarten Rodeo

Coyote flannel board

Coyote Storytime (and Cowboys)

Farm Themed Birthday Party with Lots of Cute Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas |
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Photo 15 of 20: Rustic Cowboy / Birthday "Wyatt s Wild West 1st Birthday Party"

Catch My Party

Rustic Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 15 of 20

cowboy party ideas | Cowboy theme party games - Tin Can Toss | birthday party ideas by patsy

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SQUARE DANCE CADENCE - Children's Song by The Learning Station - YouTube

SQUARE DANCE CADENCE - Children's Song by The Learning Station


Discover the Desert (Mar_2016) - MOTHER GOOSE TIME

sheriff printable | Black and White Sheriff Cowboy Hat Clip Art Image - black and white ...

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Printable Cowboy/Cowgirl Boot Craft |

Printable Cowboy/Cowgirl Boot Craft

Panning for Gold - Kids collect rocks and paint them hide them in sand and use sifters to "pan for gold"

Mess for Less

Panning for Gold Activity

I made this BOOK NOOK for my western theme classroom. KINDERWORLD w/ Mrs. Knudson

KINDERWORLD: Western Theme Classroom

WANTED: Alphabet Letters Also Known As: Lots of Different Fonts! Find, Capture, and Paste $

Teachers Pay Teachers
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"Wanted" Poster Template Frame pictures of your cowboys and cowgirls at a western-themed birthday bash. Print the "Wanted" Poster Clip Art How to Make the Cowboy Cutout

Martha Stewart

Birthday Party Clip Art and Templates

Cowboys and Indians Coloring Pages | ... printable coloring page Cowboy Coloring Page 08 (Cartoons > Cowboys

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Wild West Week! Cowboy up!

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JanaMarie Thompson

My Classroom Theme, Western!!! :-) I had so much fun decorating my classroom this way last year.

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Collect toilet paper tubes. If you would like you can spray paint them. Take a knife and make four slits in the toilet paper tubes as shown. Take craft sticks and have the children insert them into the slits to create a fence. These can be put together and taken apart to make fences.

100 Day Activities Apples Bake

cowboy syllables

Pre-K Pages

Western Cowboy Theme | Preschool | Kindergarten | Pre-K Pages

Print a page for each child. Have the children roll a die and identify the number on the die. Have the child find the corresponding number on the cow and color it. The first one with all the cow colored is the winner.

100 Day Activities Apples Bake

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog: Little Red Cowboy Hat

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog: Little Red Cowboy Hat

Just Dance Kids 2 - Hokey Pokey. THIS IS AN AWESOME FIND! There are tons of Lets Dance Kids videos on Youtue to use with students during indoor recess or other down times. The kiddos will love this.

Just Dance Kids 2 - Hokey Pokey (Wii Rip)

Cowboy Worksheet - customizable

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more printables

Western/Cowboy preschool printables