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Deer Reference and Anatomy

helpyoudraw: “ blackbackedjackal: “ If you love animals or drawing then you should add this book to your collection. The Art of Animal Drawing is a crash course in not only animal anatomy, but usage.

Robb Stark

"The Mystery of Tyr and Fenrir". As if Tyr and Fenrir are somehow part of each other. Remember, a kenning for Tyr is "The Leavings Of The Wolf".

HBO's GoT, Beautiful Death (Season 1-3) - Imgur

"Come back to me my Sun and Stars". A Beautiful Death: Khal Drogo killed by Daenerys Targaryen - though Mirri Maz Duur is to blame (by Robert M. Ball) ASOIAF / Game of Thrones

Natures Doorways visualechoess: Sunset Tiger by: patrick strock (via jayalice)