Mason bee house

Shop & compare prices : Mason Bee House by Gardeners Supply. Boost your gardens productivity by providing a happy home for peaceful, non-stinging Mason bees. Slightly smaller than honeybees, mason bees are incredible pollinators. Find the best deal.

baptisa  zones 3-8.  We have some seeds to start our own!

Editors' Picks: Favorite Fuss-Free Plants

Baptisa-Also called false indigo for the rich blue shade of its flowers, this hardy perennial fills the spring garden with elegant spires of pealike blooms. It withstands drought -- and deer, rabbits, and other critters leave it alone.

Circle of Herbs  Create a focal point and a source of culinary inspiration at the same time. This wheel-shaped herb garden will move you in the right direction, whether you’re a gardener, chef, or both! The circle is about 15 feet in diameter and lined with turf. It needs at least 6 hours of sunlight each day.         A. Chives   B. Tarragon   C. Parsley   D. Fennel   E. Sweet marjoram   F. Southernwood   G. Artemisia   H. English lavender   I. Santolina   J. Mint   K. Oregano   L. Dill   M…

Herb circle A. Chives B. Tarragon C. Parsley D. Fennel E. Sweet Marjoram F. Sage P. Lemon verbena Q. Spike lavender R. Sweet basil S. Thyme T. Rosemary U.

How To Propagate Rosemary Herb Plant From Cuttings

As you've seen from my past few tutorials on propagating plants, it's really easy! This tutorial will show you how to propagate rosemary pl.

monarda (aka bee balm)  'raspberry wine'.  We had monarda some years back.  I want to replant it this year.

monarda (aka bee balm) 'raspberry wine' - I use this to attract bees and hummingbirds

Mason bee homes at the MSU Horticultural Gardens

Field Trip to the MSU Horticulture Gardens - Our Twenty Minute Kitchen Garden