Greeting Card Baskets/Boxes

This board is dedicated to my mother-in-law, who, some twenty-five years ago, gifted me with the most charming greeting card basket crafted by her very own hands. It was something I treasured and used every holiday season...until...movers smashed the precious thing beyond recognition! I only hope the ones I can now create are as sweet as those Delores patiently stitched up! Try making one'll be glad you did!
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Posy: Entries from May 2008

Use blanket stitch, or one of these decorative variations to bind the edges of raw fabrics. Learn more embroidery stitches on The Art of Needlework, in Our Favorite Ideas at


Tutorial for different blanket stitches

Mother’s Day Embroidered Scarves

Christmas card bells sewn together with yarn. Haven't seen this old gem in a while.

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Vintage Greeting Card Box Shabby Roses and by AlchemyMosaics, $42.00

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OKAY!! Here we go! A tutorial to show us exactly how to stitch these little wonders together...for just $5!!!! Thanks Julie!!!! Greeting Card Box Tutorial Victorian Hankie by AlchemyMosaics, $5.00

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dutch sisters: Tutorial: Recycled Christmas-card with crochet scallop alternative edging??

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Vintage Greeting Card Baskets

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a class taught by Charlotte Lyons, basket by Suzanne Duda <3

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DIY Bowl: cut out chipboard shapes and cover the front and backs with vintage papers or textiles, then lace it all together.

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christmas card project box... with link to tutorial

Christmas card baskets - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS

Vintage Hand Made Craft Christmas Card Crochet Basket Bowl.

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The dog and cat both enjoy wearing their bandannas. They are made with a casing at the top, and the collar goes through the casing, then is put on the pet and they stay on better. The baskets are made from the fronts of greeting cards. She laminates them and crochets them together at the seams. She can always use more greeting card fronts and anyone wishing to donate any can send them to Phoebe, c/o 1918 Steves Ave, San Antonio, TX 78210. The scrappy bags are to hang on your sewing table to put your little threads and scraps in as you sew. They are attached to a pincushion filled with sawdust to weight them down on the table. She also crochets tops on dishtowels to hang them over cupboard drawers. She has made crocheted balls for dogs and cats to play with, and other neat items. She has made lots of "tater bags". You put potatoes in them and bake them in the microwave. You don't have to prick the potatoes, and you bake them the same amount of time you usually do in the microwave. Each bag holds up to 4 potatoes, and they turn out nice and fluffy.

Crafty ideas: Crafty Items made by my sister

Quiltedthrifted's Weblog 12/30/09

Vintage Card Basket | Quiltedthrifted's Weblog

Christmas Cards Slipper...pattern and instructions

Craft Project: Christmas Cards Slipper

all I can say is "WOW!"

card dress | whip up

VERY good instructions...however, I was unable to retrieve the pattern download supposedly made available.

Basket - Canadian Living

instructions and pattern from "Serendipity" blog post 1/3/09

Serendipity: Basket made from Christmas Cards

tutorial and pattern courtesy of "Serendipity" blog post 1/6/09

Serendipity: Another Basket

Handmade Greeting Card/Crochet Basket. $8.50, via Etsy.

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Vintage Retro Kitsch Stitched Chistmas Bowl. $19.50, via Etsy.

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Vintage Hand Made Craft Christmas Card Crochet Basket Bowl. $28.00, via Etsy.

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Vintage Hand Made Craft Christmas Card Crochet Basket Bowl. $28.00, via Etsy.

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recycled card basket...tutorial

Recycled Christmas Card Basket - All Free Crafts

Vintage Greeting Card Basket $22.00, via Etsy.

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