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a cat sitting on top of a wooden table with an orange wire frame around it
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paper flowers are placed on top of blue squares with green leaves and pink petals in the middle
The Colorful Art Palette
Pop-up water Lily inspired by Monet -
paper plates with flowers painted on them sitting on a table
Monet's Pond
It's Art Day!: Monet's Pond. A great project even for students with fine motor challenges and other special learning needs. Get all the directions at:
someone is holding an origami flower in front of another paper cutout that looks like a flower
3d Pop Up Daffodil Card - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts
3d Pop Up Daffodil Card - perfect as a St David's Day Card or Mother's Day Card (or even Teacher appreciation Cards). How to make a pop up flower card easily for kids. Love this easy pop up daffodil #daffodil #paperdaffodil #daffodilcard #stdavidsday #mothersday #teacherscards
the process of painting an image with colored pencils and watercolors on paper
16 idées pour réutiliser des barquettes et de la vaisselle jetable - Page 2 sur 2
Styrofoam, like the stuff from take away containers or from the grocery store, can be used to make your own stamps. (This site is in French. I tracked the photo to, but there are no further instructions there. I guess they figured the pictures said it all.)
a paper flower on a green background with poinsettis
Цветы - из чего можно сделать аппликацию, идеи для детского творчества
цветы аппликация 1
paper flowers are arranged in different stages of making the flower bouquet out of green tissue
some very cute ladybugs in the grass by some watercolors on paper
many different pictures of tulips in various stages of blooming
Einige Arbeitsergebnisse aus dem Kunstunterricht
Kunstunterricht 2015 / 2016 - Schule Am Lindenberg