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Black and white photography ideas and inspiration. Love this monochrome image. I love the subject and contrast in this image. Man Walking Down The Stairs by Photographer Tom Cuppens.

Express yourself.

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''Ojos de Videotape / 'Videotape Eyes'' by Florencia Muriel, ☚ This photograph is unique. I think it's interesting how she has the VHS tape as her eyes. It's also clean and simple.

Michael Wolf Photos

German photographer Michael Wolf's series, 'Architecture of Density', captures Hong Kong's crowded urban landscape. Pictured is 'Architecture of Density Courtesy of Flowers Gallery © Michael Wolf

hong kong corner houses by michael wolf

decaying architectural structures PHOTOGRAPHY – Michael Wolf’s Hong Kong Cornerhouses

Hong Kong apartment building

Inspired by Michael Wolf's photos of Hong Kong buildings, but probably originally by the urbanization section of the Massive Change exhibit. Hong Kong apartments/homes.