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Wenn Menschen waren geflügelte

How to draw wings on people/angels. This is a good explaination of the correct anatomy of wings on people. Technically, winged people shouldn't have arms.

tutorial on drawing skin

Supplement for Section II of the Skin tutorial. It’s much easier to see the compare the colors for the different skin tones in this format. SKIN: a chart - SUPPLEMENT IMG

satans-fabulous-blog: “artist-refs: “Phoneme Chart by TheEndIsNearUs ” THIS IS SO HELPFUL ”

artist-refs: “Phoneme Chart by TheEndIsNearUs ” This is a nice chart! Lipsync is one of my not-so-secret passions. I also hate front mouths. They’re harder to inbetween, I find, and they’re not used nearly as frequently. Here’s some ¾ mouths I.

puffnik (5, 4)

Link to new skin palette! This isn't a be all, end all reference list. It was something I figure I'll do to help me when needing skin tones on a w. My Anime Skin Palette

Bildergebnis für mimik

Body language and facial expressions are everything we read into when we make an assumption of someone or to understand what they are saying or either to make it clear the emotion they are experiencing.