Would be cool to have a famous scientist of the month, and then a student scientist of the month.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Scientist of the Month bulletin board-- nice. I love this idea. Why not a scientist of the month and an artist of the month and an author of the month and mathematician of the month and an inventor of the month.

This is how I set up my student desks... It helps with classroom management, keeps them organized and they serve as centers. You'll love the flow :)

Awesome classroom set up ideas. I like the group bookcases to keep things handy and neat without overloading their desks.

I love this setup and I like having a calendar so the kids know whats coming.

Morning routine area in a classroom; student mailboxes, access to homework/ assignments, and important information. A good way to keep the classroom organized.

Our version of a Thanksgiving door decoration                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Love is idea for a classroom door decoration. Could also be a bulletin board. Personalized hearts could become paper toppers for student-written lists of thankful thoughts.

Ideas for library. The Brown-Bag Teacher: Light at the End of the Room-Setting-Up Tunnel

5th Grade Classroom Library

bug bulletin board | School-bulletin boards/doors / The Love Bug.... February classroom ...

The Love Bug. February classroom door (I think I'll do this to my daughters' doors after they fall asleep on the