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Book of Mormon Ideas

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I love this Scripture game their family does. Even though it is Mormon-based, I can tailor it to the needs of my family, asking questions about the Old and New Testament. They set 10 washcloths on the floor as the gameboard "spaces" and after answering a Bionically-related question correctly, each kiddo gets to advance one space. When they reach the end, they get to pick a piece of candy or a jelly bean from a bowl. Fun!

Kingsley Corner: Delight in the Sabbath

This Book of Mormon story includes a flow chart showing where different groups of people in the Book of Mormon go.

Mosiah the First


Walter Rane Book of Mormon Art - Nephi

Enos Prays FHE lesson - website has tons of FHE lesson ideas

A Year of FHE: 2012 - Wk. 23: Enos Prays

Dreaming Up Ideas: Book of Mormon Chapter 4: The Brass Plates

Dreaming Up Ideas: Book of Mormon Chapter 4: The Brass Plates

A Book about the Book of Mormon.

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This is the VERY best Kids BofM reading program that we've done. It hits all the major events/stories and our girls are LOVING it. We are already a few weeks ahead of schedule because they can't wait to see what happens next. Highly recommended!!

Book of Mormon Feast - Friend Jan. 2012 - friend

Free Printable Scripture stories Lehi's dream, Nephi, word of wisdom, etc

games and activities | Mormon Mommy Printables

Books in the Book of Mormon Hand Clap Game - YouTube

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Seminary teacher's blog about the Book of Mormon

Sis. Wright's Seminary Journey

Book Of Mormon Lessons 1-5 | Teaching LDS Children. This site has amazing lessons on teaching kids the book of Mormon stories.

Book of Mormon Lessons 1-5 | Teaching LDS Children

Free printable scripture mastery cards for seminary with the new Book of Mormon scripture mastery verses #mormon #seminary

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53 Lessons on the Book of Mormon taken out of the Friend and Primary Manuals!

53 Family Home Evening Lessons on Book of Mormon

Print off scripture pictures and paste in kids scriptures so they can find the stores and know where they are. LDS Scripture Literacy: Scripture Study for Early Readers

LDS Scripture Literacy: Scripture Study for Early Readers

Book of Mormon Camp ideas

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Read the Book of Mormon in 24 hours. Youth Activity Book of Mormon Read-a-thon. Menu, schedule, tips and testimony.

Messages From The MotherShip

journal prompts for the Book of Mormon and the New Testament

Latter-day Homeschooling: Book of Mormon Stories Journal Prompts

Book of Mormon Food Ideas for LDS Seminary Graduation {free printables}

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book of mormon book for kids

homemade by jill: My Interactive Book of Mormon Stories Vol. 2 (Giveaway Closed)

Free and printable Book of Mormon story helpers. Great for LDS scripture study for parents and kids alike!

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Awesome Book of Mormon Study Guide: Diagrams, Doodles, and Insights! Scripture journal filled with study pages that are great for every age! Youth and adults will love this! This has story maps to help you follow the amazing stories, helps for understanding doctrine, etc.! Use for personal scripture study or family or class! #bookofmormon #scripturejournal #scripturestudy

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One of a Kind: Freebie Scripture or Scripture Journal Insert- Book of Mormon Plates & Records

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Abinadi's last speech in general conference format

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"Book of Mormon Stories" - by Jolynn Forman

Book of Mormon Stories 8 x 12" - By Jolynn Forman Children's Art

lots of different scripture heros

This LDS Mom: Book of Mormon